The deal has been completed, Sony announced the acquisition of Crunchyroll has been completed. This Deal has been in the making since Last August and was sold in December. Since then it has been under an antitrust review by the U.S. Department of Justice citing that the deal would give Japanese Animation Studios fewer options to distribute shows in the U.S. the Information also mentions that the review could take up to six months or longer if that is true, then it would possibly mean that the department could sue which would block the sale. Recently, both companies announced their excitement in partnering with each other again both responses are listed below:

The two brands you know and love will be working together, and we believe this is a great thing for fans and the industry, alike! Both teams are knowledgeable, passionate, and have been committed to the anime community for decades. We couldn’t ask for better partners.

Crunchyroll Statement

We’re beyond excited that today Funimation and Crunchyroll have become one company. What this means is two anime-obsessed teams will come together to bring you even more of what you love, where you want it, when you want it. It’s a big win for creators, and especially, for fans! Yay for anime!

Our first priority is you, the millions of fans who form the global community that is anime. And now we have the opportunity to create a unified anime subscription experience that puts fans first, offering the most comprehensive lineup ever. There’s lots to do, so the work begins today to make it happen!

Funimation Statement

To be fair, both statements are similar and some fans are dreading this new partnership with fears of censorship (along with feeling alienated) and fear of the unknown. AT&T expects to use the proceeds from this transaction to help support its debt reduction efforts. Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman, President and CEO, Sony Group Corporation and Tony Vinciquerra, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. Had this to say about the new partnership:

We are very excited to welcome Crunchyroll to the Sony Group, Anime is a rapidly growing medium that enthralls and inspires emotion among audiences around the globe. The alignment of Crunchyroll and Funimation will enable us to get even closer to the creators and fans who are the heart of the anime community.  We look forward to delivering even more outstanding entertainment that fills the world with emotion through anime.”

Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman, President and CEO, Sony Group Corporation

Crunchyroll adds tremendous value to Sony’s existing anime businesses, including Funimation and our terrific partners at Aniplex and Sony Music Entertainment Japan, With Crunchyroll and Funimation, we are committed to creating the ultimate anime experience for fans and presenting a unique opportunity for our key partners, publishers, and the immensely talented creators to continue to deliver their masterful content to audiences around the world.  With the addition of Crunchyroll, we have an unprecedented opportunity to serve anime fans like never before and deliver the anime experience across any platform they choose, from theatrical, events, home entertainment, games, streaming, linear TV — everywhere and every way fans want to experience their anime. Our goal is to create a unified anime subscription experience as soon as possible.”

Tony Vinciquerra, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

For now, there are no new updates regarding the Antitrust Review but will keep you further updated until then. What are your thoughts regarding this new partnership?

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