U.S. Justice Department extends Antitrust Review of Sony’s Acquisition of Crunchyroll


Last year it was confirmed that Sony would be buying Crunchyroll from WarnerMedia (AT&T) for $1.2 Billion, but now according to a new report from Technology News Website, The Information, it is under an extended Antitrust review by the United States Justice Department. The Information noted that the review, which is seeking if the deal would give Sony dominance over anime streaming, could delay the sale by several months and could also potentially kill it.

Attorneys from the Justice Department are currently looking if the deal would give Japanese Animation Studios fewer options to distribute shows in the U.S. the Information also mentions that the review could take up to six months or longer if that is true, then it would possibly mean that the department could sue which would block the sale. The deal meaning another chance at a partnership between Crunchyroll and Funimation but AT&T and Warner were disappointed with Sony’s offer in August 2020.


Nikkei Asia reported in October 2020, that Sony is getting even closer to acquiring Crunchyroll, mentioning that Sony negotiated exclusive rights to bid for the streaming service and its 3 million paying subscribers earlier this year, and the two companies have now “entered into final negotiations.” Although mention that the asking price is unclear, also noting that Sony could end up spending “more than 100 billion yen” on the company — around $957 million US Dollars.

For more information on this development, The Information has the Details, Anime News Network has reported on the Antitrust Review, including a look at the history involving Crunchyroll and Sony’s History with Anime Streaming Services.

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