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About the Creator of Red’s Nerd Den

Hello there, my name is Christopher, but a nickname I usually go by is “Red“. The Reason I opened Red’s Nerd Den was to bring you news and fill you in on what is happening in Pop Culture such as Comic Books, Video Games, Anime. I also report on Technology, while many other websites report the same type of thing but what makes this site different is two things; Individuality and Non-Bias Reporting. Here are some of the things that the Nerd Den has to offer: Reviews on various things such as Comics, Anime, TV Series, Video Games, and Films. I also had a short stint working for CBR as a Freelance Writer.

Below is what else I have to offer and places to find me at!

Christopher Campbell



Creator Spotlight is my way to spotlight Artists, creators, Cosplayers, and people who make Nerd Culture great.

In Red’s News Round-Up, I round up the news that interests the fans while offering a link to read about that topic.