Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Volume One

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Volume One Cover

Before I begin this review, I would like to let my fellow Jojo Fans know that there will be a review on the Anime Adaption of this Series soon, until then please be sure to check out my reviews for the anime adaptions for Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, and Diamond is Unbreakable. A Big Thank You to Viz Media again for the opportunity to review this title.

It’s that time again, time to go on another Bizarre Adventure! This time we’re going to the beautiful country of Italy, Two Years have passed since the battle between the Joestars and Yoshikage Kira, now Koichi Hirose arrives in Naples, Italy to find Haruno Shiobana, a mysterious young man who was confirmed to be the estranged son of DIO, who was conceived with Jonathan Joestar’s Stolen Body. One of the things that will grab the reader immediately is that Hirohiko Araki moves away from the muscular physiques to slimmer and refined bodies, more of a Supermodel type of physique. The fashion is on par for its era, especially with the character designs from twisted bob cuts to donut-ringed golden tressels and high fashion on every character, making it feel like they’re wearing Gucci and Versace.

For fans returning to this series, it offers fans a clever and fascinating flashback sequence that blends in and honors the Joestar Legacy. The story begins with Giorno Giovanna, as mentioned before has a connection to the Joestars due to DIO but has inherited traits from both DIO and Jonathan Joestar, we learn after his battle with Bruno Bucciarati that he wants to infiltrate the Mafia and defeat the boss of Passione, who is a complete mystery at this time and not even Bucciarati nor his men know anything about their boss and become a Gang-Star, With the aid of a capo and his men, and fueled by his resolve, Giorno sets out to fulfill his goal of absolving the mafia of its corruption.


Araki prepared the reader for a long-action-filled mystery, one that fans were desperately craving at the time and immediately got their wish with this volume, it contained four arcs to help fans get into the Bizarre World of Giorno Giovanna and the Passione Crew. One of the best moments of this Manga would have to be going into detail on Stands, with Stardust Crusaders we were introduced to the concept of a Stand and the capabilities of one and it moved us into the idea of what kind it could be depending on one’s self. Diamond is Unbreakable took the concept even further where this time it could take on the paranormal side and even introduced the idea of a stand that creates a temporal loop, rewinding time by roughly an hour. With Golden Wind, however, moves into space and dimension bending. We’re introduced to a Stand that could Physically Alter One’s the State of Energy or a Stand that could create pockets of space and meld them together, introducing us to state manipulation. Overall this was a great way to create new challenges and explore how creating a story can be with the right creator, Golden Wind Volume One is a safe and perfect way to introduce a new reader to, regardless of the reader if they only watched the Anime or read any other parts of the series.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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