Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders


Getting back with our Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime Review with the Third Arc in the series: Stardust Crusaders. For those who are not familiar with the third arc, a group of treasure hunters found a coffin deep underwater off the coast of Africa with the word DIO on the side of it; later, the Speedwagon Foundation found the boat deserted with the coffin open and nobody inside. In 1987, a young man named Jotaro Kujo came to the discovery of having a “Stand”, his Grandfather, Joseph Joestar tells Jotaro about an old enemy who wants to wipe out the Joestar Legacy and rule the world and that man is Dio Brando! And what is worse is that Dio has taken over Joseph’s Grandfather’s body, with the return of Dio also spells trouble for Holly, Jotaro’s Mother who has fallen ill due to Dio’s Treacher; it is up to Jotaro, his Grandfather and their allies to journey to Egypt to stop DIO and free Holly from her mysterious illness.

Things start to pick up now that we have moved forward into the Third Arc, a reminder for readers who are reading this review is that this will be the final time we’ll be seeing vampires and the Ripple technique used in the series. One of the best things about Jojo is the enemies, it might sound odd to say but the Enemy Stand Users are fascinating in the Bizarre World series due to the fact that not only you see how twisted and sinister they can be, it is the matter of how intelligent they are and how they set their plans into motion; take for example when Kakyoin fought Death-13, the clown-like Stand that can pull the sleeping victim into a dream-like world and then murder them in their slumber.

Image Credit: David Production, Hirohiko Araki

Unfortunately, if you’re a dog lover this isn’t the anime for you; they meet a gruesome death similar most of the poor souls that either have come in contact or were in the same town that Jotaro and the gang were in; using the Tarot for the Stand users was a great idea to rank the Stands, The art style stays true to the Manga and from the last two arcs, David Production is one of the best studios in Japan, handling shows fans are familiar with such as Cells at work, Level E, Ensemble Stars! And Fire Force. Even in the midst of dire situations when traveling to defeat DIO the show also balances suspense with Humor, in some cases, it is shown in battle with stand users such as the Oingo Boingo Brothers, Hol Horse and The Sun; the final battle with DIO was well done, when Naokatsu Tsuda was doing the commentary on the battle of DIO and Jotaro, he mentioned that Part Three of DIO’s World was the heaviest episodes in terms of production, full of action scenes that will be impossible to be reused.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

We will be continuing our Anime Review of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure next time with Part Four: Diamond is Unbreakable.

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