Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency


“Your Next Line is..” Joseph Joestar

Continuing on our Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime Review with the Second Arc after Phantom Blood called Battle Tendency. It has been 49 years since Jonathan’s battle with Dio and his heroic sacrifice to save his wife Erina Joestar and the orphaned baby whom she took her in after the battle. Now it is 1938 and Joseph doesn’t realize it but his life is going to get a little more Bizarre as he prepares to battle the Pillar Men and to carry on the Joestar Legacy!

Pillar Man Santana Escapes his Cell.
Credit: David Production, Hirohiko Araki

One of the things I admire about Joseph is that he was intelligent, No, not the kind from Book knowledge but he was street smart; and with that knowledge, he can strategically plan the downfall of his opponent with ease; not to mention to toy with his opponent as well with his witty comebacks. The animation can be a tad clunky at times but you can tell the effort David Production put into this series was outstanding, as mentioned it would be clunky depending on the scene but the action was fluid; especially when it came to the villains.

The only downside to the Pillar men was the lack of screen time and a limited time frame in a way, with Dio there may have been that same issue but he made his presence known in a short amount of time. The Nazis, I can see from a historical aspect why they are involved in this part of the series, is set in the late 30s, early 40s and looking for a way to win the war for Hitler, Kars, and the Pillar men are similar in some ways; both believe they are the savior and they view anyone who isn’t like or believe in the similar belief they do then you’re an enemy to them. But Von Stroheim was different, yes, he was callous, rude, and cruel when it came down to being a Nazi officer but later something changed, he may be a proud nationalist but he also put things aside to help the Ripple (Hamon) users to defeat the Pillar Men. But after the defeat of Kars, he went back to Germany and fought in World War II.

Credit: David Production, Hirohiko Araki

Caesar Antonio Zeppeli had resented Joseph and the Joestars due to what he learned about his grandfather’s sacrifice in the battle with Dio and his horde of undead creatures. He may be arrogant at times but when it came to standing up for his friends and had great respect for his elders such as Lisa Lisa, but throughout his training with Joseph, the two had become friends. His battle with Wamuu was the most tragic in the Battle Tendency arc, channeling the last of his ripple energy and giving it to Joseph was one of the most upsetting things to have watched.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

This arc was full of action, thrills and comedy to balance out any irregularities when it comes to the animation or any plotholes. (Looking at Kars drifting in space, wondering whatever became of the Stone Mask Creator.) Until then we’ll be continuing our Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures review series with Stardust Crusaders!

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