Zombieland SAGA: Revenge


Here we are, we have seen many things along the way, but this time the ladies are back, ready for more and most importantly, REVENGE! Last time in the first season, Franchouchou made it big, things were looking up for the girls and SAGA. But then Tragedy struck as the girls hit rock bottom and if things weren’t bad enough, they are in debt. The girls take on jobs to help ends meet while Kotaro does his best Eren Yeager impersonation while trying to drink his problems away, realizing that it was his fault for aiming too high and seemingly abandons the girls. So the girls decide to take matters into their own hands and get back what was taken from them, hilarious hijinks ensue as Franchouchou prepares to take on the world and the Idol Industry by storm again!

It’s a tough act to follow with how popular season one was but rest assured, Munehisa Sakai and his team have it covered! One of the most fascinating things about this series was the mystery behind the girls, how and why were the girls revived, we had a good assumption about the connection between Sakura and Kotaro but what about the Bartender? What was his connection with Kotaro? Well, fear not because that question was answered in a two-part episode that took us back in time to the Meiji-era conflict that Yuuguri took part in.


Some complaints that people had was the overuse of CG Animation in their performances in the first season, but that is quickly remedied and with each episode, it has taken us deeper into the mystery behind Zombieland SAGA, dropping hints about a curse that prevents Saga from reaching its full potential along the way. Speaking of going ‘along the way’, we learned more about each member of the group (well, more pieces of the puzzle anyway), and their performances were stellar especially Lily Hoshikawa’s performance on Japan Got Talent. Another memorable moment was when Legendary Actor and Musician Hakuryu guest-starred on the show as White Ryu, who was Saki’s Childhood idol and a Radio show host, she would perform his song ‘Do You Hate Windy Days?’ Zombieland Saga: Revenge takes what made the first season memorable and makes it even better, bringing in ways for fans who aren’t familiar with the Idol Culture and shows its worth as a true idol anime. The only thing I dread is if we have to wait for another two to three years for another season. I’m pulling for a Live-Action Adaption! The Entire Season is available now on Crunchyroll and Funimation is currently airing the Dubbed version.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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