Zombieland Saga is ready for one more song!


Legendary Actor Hakuryu, known for roles such as the Hitman Kiyohiro from 1989’s Violent Cop, Zhao Lie Hao from 1984’s Someone Will Be Killed is a native of the Saga Prefecture gave a passionate speech, announcing the sequel to the long, awaited anime series Zombieland Saga!

The sequel, titled “Zombieland Saga Revenge” is about the girls taking Destiny into their own hands; it was broadcast on BS-Live, with viewers from all over Japan, the series became one the trending topics during the broadcast. The event was set up like a Japanese matsuri (festival) with stalls selling specialized goods from the series.

No official word on when the second season will be released but we’ll have an update whenever there is one available. Until then, let’s get ready to rock!

Second Season Visual, with Kotaro Tatsumi with his shirt open and Sequel and Revenge in Japanese letters on each side.
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