A Salute to Women: Artists, and Creators


It is Women’s History Month, a month that also highlights all of the contributions that women have made in both History and Society. Just like the Salute to Black Artists and Creators, Red’s Nerd Den Salutes and honors the contributions that women have made. It is an incredible time in history that we recently elected our first female Vice-President, Kamala Harris.

In Creator Spotlight, I had a chance to interview several female creators and discuss important topics such as representation and of course their inspiration when it comes to creating Artwork.

Astro, the Ichiban Creator

Image Credit: Astro
Bell Pepper, The Warrior of Light!

Image Credit: Bell Pepper
KidTimeStoryTime Storyteller
The Storyteller
Image Credit: KidTimeStoryTime
Booth Display-Song Bird Pixel Art
Song Bird Pixel Art
Image Credit: Song Bird Pixel Art
Sauriana Gameplay Four
S.W. Nolton
Image Credit: FossilPunk Foundry
Brad and Lisa Gullickson, Hosts of Comic Book Couples Counseling
Lisa Gullickson of Comic Book Couples Counseling
Image Credit: Comic Book Couples Counseling
Stacie_Draws, Illustrator, and Fan Artist
Image Credit: StacieDraws
Marie Foxy, Illustrator
Image Credit: Marie Foxy

As always, the images belong to their Creators, be sure to check out and support these fantastic artists and creators!

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