Inside the Dragon’s Den with Marie Foxy

Hello, everyone. We’re back, once again, with a brand-new Creator Spotlight Interview. Recently, I had the chance to become animated in an interview with Stacie_Draws. Now, I’m venturing into a mystical world and the Dragon’s Den with Artist Marie Foxy. So, sit back, and let’s have fun!

Chris: What was your inspiration for creating Artwork?

Marie: Well, I do enjoy the classic nude paintings of women in nature scenes, such as the works of Peter Paul Reuben and William Adolphe Bouguereau. As for furry art, artists Kalahari, and Scale were big inspirations of mine. Now, If you are talking from way back in the 2000s when I first started drawing furry art, it was probably the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Series. And various anime I watched at that time. The background and scenery are inspired by the scenery, which includes the forests you see in New Hampshire and Maine.

Chris: What was the biggest obstacle you had to face when working on commissions? (this includes preparation for conventions).

Marie: Trying to Promote My work. It was very tricky out there. When there are so many other furry artists that have a much larger number of followers. When I was on Twitter, I barely cleared 500 followers. Yet some artists were up in the thousands. The number of followers I have now was built up from years of getting to know people and improving my work.

Chris: With Animation Studios releasing Films or Television shows (Including Anime Studios) with either Anthromorphic or otherwise, do you find it helps with expanding creativity for artists and creators or hinders it?

Marie: Well, any new shows, comic books, or other media can be a source of expanding creativity. Newer artists out there have a lot more to work with. Walt Disney’s Zootopia series has been one of the most expansive anthro worlds out there, for example.

Chris: Fourth Question: When it comes to Digital or Traditional, what is your favorite way of creating artwork?

Marie: They both have their advantages and disadvantages. I’ve long been a fan of traditional work and working with copic markers. I got an Apple Pencil for Christmas from my family for my iPad. And it’s been growing on me as a nice intuitive way of drawing digitally that doesn’t have the tedium of the old Wacom tablets.

Chris: With The Artistic World facing the growth of NFTs and AI Artwork, how important are creativity and originality?

Marie: It’s very important. I find that nft and ai stuff garbage. It will never replace someone with real talent. NFTs were thought to be the future and they fizzled out. I expect the same thing to happen with AI stuff. At best, be regulated to shovelware games and clickbait blogs.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the line for this interview. But, you can follow her work on Instagram and Etsy Shop. Until next time, be sure to continue and support Artists and Creators!

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