A Salute to Black Artists and Creators


Black History Month is currently underway and today, let us salute the Black Creators and Artists who have not only made the fandom great but also inspire others with their creations and their talents. Here are several artists and creators that I recently had the chance to interview for my Creator Spotlight Feature, we discussed topics that are on the minds of Black Artists and Creators today such as “The Importance of Representation in the Community, Films and Media,” “Addressing and fixing the problem about the low percentage that African American Animators hold in the Animation Industry,” and Advice for Black Artists and Creators who want to work in the Industry. Click on the images to check out their interviews.

Jermaine Dickerson, Illustrator, and Founder of Hero Nation

Jermaine is very vocal about what he believes in and stands up for it no matter what; his love for heroes and his community brought forth Hero Nation.

Drew Swift, Freelance Artist

I had the honor of interviewing Drew when he had a Booth at a Local Comic Convention in Belton Texas called Bell County Comic-Con, he is an old school anime and manga fan who offers an Art Camp for kids (before the COVID Epidemic.)


Lexaeus Noil, Video Gamer and Podcaster

His name is Lexaeus Noil, his podcast is called “Lexfactor” where he discusses the 80s and 90s Culture, including highlighting Cartoon Gems of yesteryear. He has discontinued the Dash Attack and Mutant Alliance Show but you can catch him on Utreon with his new show The Cosplay Gamers.

Jojo Williams, Owner of Mastermind Comics

Jojo Williams is a creator and owner of Mastermind Comics an Indigenous Media Company and Publisher that not only publishes Illustrations and Manga for Entertainment but it serves an educational purpose, also a New Age of Manga for Indigenous People.

Astro, the Ichiban Creator

Astro is an artist who not only specializes in Anime, Manga artwork but also participates in events such as Blacktober a hashtag co-created by Cel. C, that combats the abuse and racism directed toward Black Artists and Cosplayers for reimagining their favorite characters who look like them in media where they are underrepresented. Astro describes herself as the Ichiban, a Japanese adjective meaning “The Best“.


Joshua Leonard, Character Designer and Owner of Leonard Studio

Joshua Leonard and is a Character Designer, also the creator of his own Animated Series called Team Supreme, featuring kids who have a disability, but their disability is their superpower! Also in his credits that he has worked for well-known companies such as Netflix, Nickelodeon and owns an Art Studio, Leonard Studios. (Also, the image used for this article in the Featured area above is drawn by Joshua Leonard.)

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