A Jurassic Interview with SW Nolton, The Owner, and Creator of FossilPunk Foundry


Creator Spotlight is back! And this time, we’re taking this interview into an alternate reality, where dinosaurs roam the earth once again! Sounds crazy, right? Well meet the Owner and Creator of FossilPunk Foundry, her name is SW Nolton, and today’s interview will be going over her Tabletop Gaming Comany.

Red: The first question in our interview is, What is your company about?

SW Nolton: FossilPunk Foundry is about making awesome games, plain and simple. I founded the company to design unique, exciting tabletop games that embrace creativity and originality and encourage out-of-the-box thinking. In short, I wanted to give the world something NEW.

Red: What was the inspiration behind creating FossilPunk Foundry?

SW Nolton: I saw a lot of companies focused on the same thing – creating “gothic future” sci-fi games and traditional high-fantasy miniatures games….and I wanted to do something different. I wanted to create something with the potential to become a tabletop gaming EMPIRE in time, with games that broke the mold and did something new and different for the industry. But moreover, I am a writer and worldbuilder – and I wanted an outlet for my ideas, concepts, and stories to get out there for people to enjoy.


Red: With the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent situation involving the increasing inflation, have you seen an increase in the number of sales or an increase of interest in tabletop games?

SW Nolton: There’s definitely been an increase in interest in tabletop games – particularly ones with a solo mode. While the pandemic has been unfortunate in many ways, the quarantine associated with it (especially during the early period) allowed people a lot of time at home to discover new hobbies, cultivate existing ones and spend more time doing things they enjoy – that has been truly great for hobby miniatures games, RPGs, and other tabletop games.

Red: I have asked a similar question in previous interviews that have involved artwork and other media but with the increase in anti-LGBTQIA+, Racism, and the rise of Hate Speech, how important is representation in tabletop gaming?

SW Nolton: I feel like it’s extremely important – but it has to be authentic. There are far too many attempts at “Rainbow Capitalism” these days, with companies jumping on the bandwagon to appeal to LGBTQIA+ individuals during Pride Month, but in order to affect real, legitimate change in an industry that’s traditionally been heavily skewed towards White, Heterosexual Cis Male customers, authenticity and real, honest representation for and by LGBTQIA+ people, BIPOC individuals, and other underrepresented people is essential. I’m a transwoman, myself, and so seeing games that embrace and represent non-Cis gender identities and non-hetero sexualities is important to me.

Red: The Final Question in our interview is, What advice do you have for Creators who want to enter the Industry?

SW Nolton: It takes persistence, tenacity, and willpower to keep at it – you’ll get a lot of rejection, there’s still a lot of gatekeeping out there, and sometimes you have to get truly creative with how you present your project – be it to publishers or backers on crowdfunding sites. Don’t give up. The industry only thrives through innovation, new blood, and the passion of creative people like yourselves – even if it feels daunting, believe in yourself, believe in your game, and keep pushing forward.


But wait, there’s more! While the interview has ended, we’re going to take a look at a game that is available now from FossilPunk Foundry. The game is called “Sauriana“.

Sauriana is a 32mm skirmish miniatures game set in an alt-history 1800s where the West is wilder and weirder than ever – prehistoric beasts once again roam the land and mad science runs amok. Players build a Posse of daring agents representing one of the four main factions: the Othniellians- intrepid ‘cowboys of science’ who use genetic manipulation to evolve beyond their human nature, the Cope Collective – scholarly engineers specialized in baroque mechanics and automata, the Explorer’s Club – adventurers extraordinaire who ply the wilderness in search of the biggest game, and the World’s Faire – a collection of miscreants, malcontents, and mercenaries who work for the highest bidder…..Players posses battle across the frontier in search of power and privilege! Below are images of what the game looks like.

  • Sauriana Gameplay One
  • Sauriana Gameplay Two
  • Sauriana Gameplay Three
  • Sauriana Gameplay Four
  • Sauriana Rulebook
  • Saurotamaton-Vert Gamecrafter
  • Saurianthrope Gamecrafter
  • Sauriana Faction Starter Pack

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