An Audience with The Warrior of Light, All Hail Bell Pepper!


Our journey finds us meeting another fascinating Creator, not only she is an artist but she is a Warrior! That’s right fellow readers, I ventured into the Land of Eorzea and met Bell Pepper, a Warrior of Light! She wrote a special introduction for this Creator Spotlight Interview:

Hello! It is a pleasure to participate in this interview! My artist name is Bell Pepper and you can also find me adventuring through the world of FFXIV as Bell Pepper, the Warrior of Light! I’m a former comic book artist and right now I’m just chilling and drawing fanarts of FFXIV and other games I enjoy!

Bell Pepper


Red: In creating artwork, what gives you the most inspiration?

Bell Pepper: I would say that right now, most of my inspiration comes from seeing artwork and content from the games I’ve been playing as well as from interacting with the community. It’s so much fun to see what everyone is creating and seeing so many different styles and ideas!


Red: From what has been seen in your work on Social Media you are a fan of Final Fantasy, what is your favorite class in the Series?

Bell Pepper: I love playing FFXIV, it’s an MMORPG and it has been a big part of my life for around 7 years now. My favorite class there would be the BARD which is the main class I play. If I had to pick an overall class for the world of Final Fantasy I’d probably say Black Mage. I’m a big fan of Vivi from FFIX! 😁


Red: Do you believe MMORPGs help the creative process?

Bell Pepper: Yes! I’m still new to drawing my own character but it’s fun to see her as the heroine in this amazing storyline and imagine her own adventures and interactions with characters and other players. I feel like it plays a huge part in what I draw and how I portray the other characters too! FFXIV is a huge world with so much content, there’s just infinite possibilities! I could never get bored of thinking about what to create next!


Red: What is your favorite medium of art?

Bell Pepper: Markers are still my favorite medium. I used to use them a lot for my comic books so I’m a lot more comfortable with them. But I also love watercolors, they are very similar and often I mix them when using the hot press watercolor paper. I love trying different media and mixing them! Finding the right media for each drawing is very important, it’s part of expressing myself through art.

Red: Last, but certainly not least! What is your favorite RPG?

Bell Pepper: Favorite RPG?  Oh my, this is a difficult question!  For a console RPG I would like to say The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy IX. The first RPG game that I played was Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. I started playing more RPG games because of it! 🙂

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Unfortunately, we have reached the end of this interview but fear not! If you want to follow her on her Adventures and of course, donate to her Ko-Fi and Patreon here is your chance in the links below, along with a lovely gallery of art she has provided for the interview!

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