The First Slam Dunk Earns US$13.8 Million On Opening Day In China


Let’s go Shohoku High! There is big news coming in from Variety. The First Slam Dunk took the game on the road, this time to China, where it earned US$13.8 Million on its opening day on Thursday.

The film is based on Takehiko Inoue’s Basketball Manga, titled Slam Dunk, which had preview screenings on Wednesday and the local firm Ent Group stated those 14,000 preview screenings earned US$3.16 million before the Thursday screenings earned US$13.8 million.

The First Slam Dunk- December 2022 PV Teaser
Image Credit: Toei Animation

The film also did well in South Korea and is currently the second-highest-earning film in the country, earning US$35,499,346 since its opening in January. The First Slam Dunk made its debut in Japan on December 3rd, ranking at No. 1 in its opening weekend. It made 1.296 Billion Yen (US $9.57 Million) with 847,000 ticket sales, making it the best opening for a Slam Dunk Anime Film in the history of the franchise. It currently is the 24th highest-earning film in Japan. The film also won The Animation of the Year Award at The Japan Academy Film Prize Awards. With the holidays coming up in China, we might see another new record.


Toei Animation and DandeLion Animation Studio handled the animation for the movie. Original mangaka Takehiko Inoue is directing the movie and writing the screenplay. Yasuyuki Ebara is doing character designs and also serving as chief animation director. The series is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

Source: TV Asahi, Anime News Network, Variety

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