The First Slam Dunk Wins The Animation of the Year Award at The Japan Academy Film Prize Awards


The results are in for the 46th Annual Japan Academy Film Prize Awards. And Takehiko Inoue’s The First Slam Dunk stood tall.

It was a beautiful ceremony at the Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa located in Takanawa, Japan, and it was Takehiko Inoue’s The First Slam Dunk that made the biggest upset of the night, winning the prestigious Animation of the Year Award. Among the other nominees were One Piece Film Red, INU-OH, Suzume, and The Lonely Castle In The Mirror.

The First Slam Dunk- November Teaser
Image Credit: Toei Animation

Toei Animation and Slam Dunk Creator Takehiko Inoue have a lot to celebrate this year. It has risen the ranks and become the 31st highest-earning film of all time in Japan, including surpassing Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 as the 12th highest-earning anime film.

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One Piece Film Red won the Most Popular Film award, and the Music Team won the Special Award. RADWIMPS and Music Composer Kazuma Jinnouchi won for their work on Suzume for Best Music. Shin Ultraman and Anime Supremacy! were nominees in the Best Picture category but ended up losing to Aru Otoko. Shin Ultraman may have not won the best picture award, but it won several awards, which included the following categories: Best Lighting Direction (Sōusuke Yoshikado), Best Art Direction (Yūji Hayashida), and Best Cinematography (Osamu Ichikawa, Keizō Suzuki).

The First Slam Dunk Movie Visual One
Image Credit: Toei Animation

This iconic Sports Manga ran in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1990 to 1996 for a total of 31 volumes. The manga inspired a television anime in 1993 and had four anime film sequels. Viz Media released all 31 volumes of the manga in English. You can catch the series now on Crunchyroll!

Source: Anime News Network

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