Ultraman Blazar To Premiere July 8th Worldwide, Also Set To Debut ENG DUB Version


Finally, a brand new Ultraman Series will be coming our way soon. Tsuburaya Productions announced the release date for ULTRAMAN BLAZAR, set to debut in July 2023.

Ultraman Blazar is set to premiere on July 8th, 2023, on TV Tokyo Network on six stations in Japan. The series will also be simultaneously broadcast in major Asian regions and will be the first series to have an English Dub to be released simultaneously online with the Japanese version.

Ultraman Blazar is a hero with a great sense of justice and hails from M421, an extragalactic astronomical object far from Earth. The main protagonist, Gento Hiruma (Tomoya Warabino), is a captain of the Special Kaiju Reaction Detachment (SKaRD), established by the Global Guardian Force (GGF) in a world where Kaiju disasters are a common practice. When their strong desire for the power to save human lives resonates, the two unite.


Kiyotaka Taguchi will be directing the new series and will be writing the script, with Keigo Koyanagi, who has also worked on previous Ultraman shows such as Ultraman Z, as a Military Advisor, and was the scriptwriter for Ultraman Trigger. Ultraman Blazar also marks the 10th Anniversary of the New Generation Ultraman Series. Tsuburaya Productions also has mentioned the series will explore a completely different style from the previous series. They also introduced SKaRD’s new weapon that will be featured in the series, Type 23 Special Tactical Armored Kaiju. Gento Hiruma transforms into Ultraman Blazar using the Blazer Stone, a crystal infused with the power of light, and the Blazar Brace.

Ultraman Blazar Main Visual
Image Credit: Tsuburaya Productions/Ultraman Blazar Production Consortium/Tv Tokyo

Established in 1966 by nations all around the world in response to the worldwide outbreak of kaiju disasters, the Global Guardian Force (GGF) deals with kaiju and extraterrestrial life forms’ attacks on Earth.

Today, Earth sees continued destruction of nature and a rapid rise in global warming. One night, a space crustacean kaiju Bazanga appears. The GGF’s cleanup operation is unsuccessful, and the special forces led by Gento Hiruma find themselves in a desperate situation. This is when a mysterious giant emerges from the light. It is the unidentified humanoid alien that has been rumored among astronauts for decades, code-named “Ultraman.”

Later, Gento is summoned to the command center, where he is officially appointed as the commander of SKaRD, short for Special Kaiju Reaction Detachment. A team that had been secretly formed, he would lead a special unit that pilots a giant kaiju-type robot artillery, Earth Garon, to respond to kaiju disasters. While Gento is ordered to investigate the Ultraman from the Battle of Bazanga to determine whether it is a threat that needs to be eliminated or not, he has a flashback of a faraway galaxy—a shred of memory of a Blazar.


For an exclusive comment from the new protagonist and the staff, head over to Tsuburaya Productions.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions

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