Ultraman Z Series Review: Providing much-needed relief through a Horrible Epidemic

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The newest review finds us in the amazing world of Tokusatsu, Kyodai Heroes, and of course, Kaiju fighting. Ultraman Z is the eighth and last entry of the New Generation Hero Lineup (Nyū Jenerēshon Hīrō) which was a term that was first given to Ultraman Ginga in 2013, while it premiered on TV Tokyo on June 20th, 2020, it also streamed live on YouTube on the Official Ultraman YouTube Channel.

As mentioned in the headline, this series provided much-needed relief to people who were affected by the COVID-19 Epidemic, according to Koshu Hirano, the actor who portrayed Haruki Natsukawa (the Human Host of Ultraman Z) had mentioned that the epidemic had affected the filming of the series two months before it resumed. This had happened before the series premiere.

Once, shards of evil called “Devil Splinters” were scattered across space, throwing the galaxy into chaos. At that time, Ultraman Z, a new member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force who sought out Ultraman Zero as a mentor, comes down to Earth while chasing the Ferocious Space Shark Genegarg. On Earth, the Anti-Monster Robot Force STORAGE is formed to face down the monsters that appear on a daily basis. In his first battle, Z merges with Haruki Natsukawa, a new pilot of STORAGE. Together, they rise up to protect the peace! However, behind the scenes, the parasitic lifeform Celebro has set a terrifying plot into motion…


Running from June to December 2020, Ultraman Z aired weekly, with it we watched Haruki, Yoko, Yuka, and Captain Hebikura and Earth’s Defense Team S.T.O.R.A.G.E. defend the earth from Kaiju threats; one of the greatest things about the Ultraman Series is its Lore, the heroes, and also brought on dozens of series, tie-in films stretching back to 1966. What worked out so well for Ultraman Z was the cast, how dedicated they were to their roles like Koshu Hirano for instance, while Haruki is goofy and playful he accepts the enormous responsibility that was placed on his shoulders after he fused with Ultraman Z. The two are similar in many ways, this Ultraman, however, is notably different from the Ultra heroes of the past, who invariably have relative omniscience over their human hosts.


S.T.O.R.A.G.E.’s Teamwork was another part of Ultraman Z’s success, Yoko piloting one of the team’s giant robots and Haruki (With Ultraman Z’s help), each other relying on each other as the message “Teamwork always overcomes any Crisis” is the perfect message in this current environment. Tsuburaya Productions continues to set the bar for Kaiju, the creatures are uniquely designed and each battle provides a balance of action and suspense, not to mention excitement and nonstop thrills! With an incredible team of writers, Directors, Tsuburaya Productions’ Ultraman Z was a series that didn’t fall into the bleak crevice of gloom, doom, and tragedy that we’ve grown accustomed to due to this ongoing COVID-19 Epidemic. But, this series is optimistic even if it contains battles, fighting; Christopher Stewardson of Our Culture Mag said it best when describing this series: “The opening theme song contains the line, “kindness is power”, realizes this framing wonderfully. Kindness is indeed power, and Ultraman Z is optimistic that we can all harness it.

Final Grade:

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

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