Launching Today: The Lackadaisy Pilot


It’s almost here. The pilot premiere of Lackadaisy, Adapting the beloved webcomic series from Tracy J. Butler.

The news regarding the premiere date was first announced in Animation Magazine, accompanied by an exclusive interview with the creator and a pre-launch campaign. It is set to premiere on March 29th at 2 pm ET/ 11 am PT on YouTube, a 27-minute short film presented by Iron Circus Studios and directed by animator Fable Siegel (The Midnight Gospel, Hazbin Hotel).

The animation style brings together talented artists and animators for something fantastic. It makes me nostalgic for the works of Don Bluth and Ralph Bakshi. Iron Circus Comics, known by many as Chicago’s Largest Alternative Comics Publisher, is helping bring the Webcomic to life. The Webcomic series has won multiple Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards, and in 2011, it was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic. For more information on this series, including a way to support the Comic series, be sure to visit their official website.


This animated short-film is the first ever multimedia endeavor from Spike Trotman’s Iron Circus Comics, the trailblazing comics publisher that has raised nearly $3 million over more than 30 crowdfunding campaigns. The short was originally crowdfunded to the tune of $330,000, thanks to almost 6,000 backers.


  • Michael Kovach as Rocky Rickaby 
  • Belsheber Rusape as Calvin “Freckle” McMurray
  • Lisa Reimold as Ivy Pepper
  • Ashe Wagner as Mitzi May
  • SungWon Cho  as Mordecai Heller
  • Benni Latham as Serafine Savoy
  • Malcolm Ray as Nicodeme Savoy
Lackadaisy Key Visual
Image Credit: Tracy J. Butler/Iron Circus Studios

Set in St. Louis, Missouri in the midst of Prohibition,  the comics center on the Lackadaisy, a speakeasy tucked away in a cave beneath the Little Daisy Cafe, where flashing the club symbol from a deck of cards grants everyone in-the-know access to to all the moonshine and music they desire. The joint’s packed full of gangsters, flappers, crooked cops, rum-runners, and wide-eyed ingenues. And they are, literally, all jazz cats.

The sepia-toned story features action and adventure, comedy and crime, and a colorful (if somewhat shady) cast of felines, including the Lackadaisy proprietors Atlas and Mitzi May, rumrunner Rocky Rickaby, and the sharp-tongued, fleet-footed con artist in training, Ivy Pepper.

Source: Animation Magazine

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