The Desert Bus for Hope is on the Road Again!


Attention! Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children of All-Ages! It is that time once again as the Desert Bus for Hope Prepares to raise money for Child’s Play, a registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of children undergoing treatment in the hospital with toys and games. The charity supports a network of over 180 hospitals worldwide. It also supports domestic violence support facilities and aims to provide opportunities for positive engagment, distraction, and play for children in domestic violence shelters and advocacy centres.

What is Desert Bus?

Desert Bus is a mini-game from the never-released Sega CD game Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors. Challenging the player to drive a listing, unreliable, virtual bus on an endless, eight-hour-long strip of highway between Tucson, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, it is widely regarded to be the worst video game ever made.

Desert Bus For Hope 2021 Logo
Image Credit: Desert Bus.Org

In 2020, Desert Bus for Hope broke a new record by raising a whopping $1,052,902.40 for the Child’s Play Charity in Six Days and Twenty Hours! You might be asking yourself, What is Desert Bus For Hope? It was started in 2007 by an Internet Sketch Comedy Group called LoadingReadyRun, Desert Bus for Hope combines video games and tedium to benefit Charity. The Charity has entered its 15th Year and has raised so far $7,119,060.58


If you would like to donate to Desert Bus For Hope, click here, also be sure to check out all the fun over on Twitch and at their Official Website. Until then, all aboard the Bus!

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