The Ransomware Attack Persists, Comic Distributor Warns of more Delays


The Ransomware Attack is continuing to wreak havoc on the Comic Book Distributor, Diamond Comics Distribution according to a new report from Newsarama. After six days, the company has come forward with timelines for the expected delay of Comic Books for the next few weeks.

The Ransomware attack became known around Friday, November 5th, affecting Diamond Comics Official Website, its email system, moving into parts of its ordering infrastructure, and other unnamed areas. While Diamond Comics is no longer the main distributor for comic books but remains a Key, Primary (In the case of the Big Two publishers DC and Marvel, a Secondary) Distributor for Comic Book Shops, bookstores, online book stores such as Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.


As of November 11th, Diamond said it did manage to ship some of the comic books planned for release on November 9th and 10th, and the orders that were delayed should be arriving at comic book shops and bookstores by Sunday, November 14th at the latest. The Next Major Round of Shipments, however, is marked for November 16th/17th on-sale date – are currently being “picked and packed” at Diamond’s warehouses. The distributor doesn’t say whether those could also be delayed but says it’ll inform stores about expected delivery dates “early next week”, as on November 15th or 16th.

For now, this means that Diamond has paused processing on any re-orders from comic book shops and bookstores, but expects to be able to by Saturday, November 13th. For more on this story, Newsarama has further details on the ongoing Ransomware Attack.

SOURCE: Newsarama

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