All Aboard! The Desert Bus for Hope Raises $987,144.69 for Child’s Play Charity


Last year, the Desert Bus for Hope raised $864,764 for the Child’s Play Charity in Six Days and Eighteen hours; but this year’s Desert Bus for Hope broke a new record by raising a whopping $987,144.69 for the Child’s Play Charity in Six Days and Twenty Hours!

Desert Bus For Hope 2020
Image Credit: LoadingReadyRun

What is The Desert Bus for Hope?

Started in 2007 by internet sketch comedy group LoadingReadyRun, Desert Bus for Hope combines video games and tedium to benefit charity.

Desert Bus is the world’s longest running internet-based fundraiser and has raised more than $6 million for Child’s Play over its fourteen-year history.

What started as an impromptu event broadcast from a living room is now a professionally organized fundraiser; it takes more than 15 people to plan the event and another 45 dedicated volunteers to keep the whole thing running once it starts.

Our viewers direct the action, talking with us via live chat, challenging us to sing, dance and generally make fools of ourselves in front of thousands of viewers. The Desert Bus Craft-Along allows people from all over the world to help us raise money by donating incredible handmade art and goods for auction.

Desert Bus is a great example of what happens when a huge community of people from all over the world – organizers, volunteers, crafters, sponsors, and viewers – come together to achieve a common goal.


What is Desert Bus?

Desert Bus is a mini-game from the never-released Sega CD game Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors. Challenging the player to drive a listing, unreliable, virtual bus on an endless, eight-hour-long strip of highway between Tucson, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, it is widely regarded to be the worst video game ever made.

Information and Images were provided by The Desert Bus For Hope, LoadingReadyRun. For more on this incredible event and group, click here to check out their website.

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