To Become Unchained: Baki Son of Ogre Series Review


*Before we begin this review, there will of course be spoilers but also that this is not only a fight between father and son but who truly is Unchained.*

Let’s see, we have seen Baki go against the Evil Death Row Inmates, participated in the Great Raitai Tournament, and witnessed the Godlike Clash of the Kids, now we’re about to see Baki prepare to participate in the Greatest Father and Son battle in History in Baki: Son of Ogre. Netflix’s newest Baki Series adapts Keisuke Itagaki’s Hanma Baki Manga Series’ first two story arcs, Combat Shadow Fighting, and the Great Prison Battle Saga. Consisting of Twelve Episodes, Baki realizes that he’ll have to fight the man who rivals his father’s brute strength and that is Biscuit Oliva, cleverly nicknamed “Mr. Unchained“.

Like the past couple of seasons, the new series manages to keep the story light but with slower pacing and packed full of intense action, the first couple of episodes served as a good jump-in point for new fans who aren’t familiar with Baki. In the beginning, we see the raw strength of Baki’s Father, Yuujiro Hanma, better known as The Ogre taking down an African Elephant with his brute strength. We witness Baki’s power and abilities through the eyes of an elementary student who was bullied into picking a fight with Baki, while it might serve as a meme due to how the fighter handles the fight.

What fascinated me the most was the research behind it, yes at the end of the day it is just about a boy who wants to become the strongest in the world but it is clear as day that Keisuke Itagaki, TMS Entertainment put into fighting, the human anatomy (even if most of it is exaggerated on both counts,) and the shadow boxing. It comes off as silly but imagining you’re fighting a huge Praying Mantis or a Legendary Boxer that was a great way to hone one’s skills. The humor in this series is another highlight that works for a fighting anime like this one, The young hanma realizes he has to get himself arrested in taken to the Arizona State Prison, better known as “The Black Pentagon” where not only the U.S.’s most dangerous criminals are held, but where Biscuit Oliva is held, Well, let’s not say held but chooses to stay. The art style and animation style has improved, while sticking to what we’re familiar with within the past three arcs but comes with more Slow-mo moments, detail in muscular physiques, and fighting stances.


The ending leaves a lot in the air but builds up for one arc fans are wanting to see, but it is incredible to see how far Baki has improved and grown stronger over the years. It also served as the perfect way to celebrate the Manga’s 30th Anniversary.

Final Grade:

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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