Baki- Season One Review

Last year, you read my review for Baki’s first anime appearance, now, we’re going to review Baki’s latest anime from Netflix. The 2018 anime adapts the Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga, five deadly, sinister prisoners wanting to know defeat, they kill without warning; each of them broke out of a Maximum Security Prison and heading to Japan with one wish, to know defeat. With Season two on the way (Adapting the Great Chinese Challenge Saga,) how will TMS Entertainment top this season? Better get in the ring and listen for the bell, the review starts now.

In the Manga, the saga went from the first chapter, all the way up to Chapter 158; it was collected into eighteen volumes before carrying onto the next Saga, meanwhile, the anime consists of 24 episodes for this season. While it stays true to the manga it also can be downright gory and gruesome when it comes to the fighting, take for example when the Death Row Convicts broke out of their confinement and the Maximum Security Prisons, each one showing off their brutish strength and intellect when it came right down to it. While some would write this series off as “Overly Muscular Men fighting to the Death,” there is a fascination behind watching each fight, how much research was put into the fighting style for each fighter and the history behind each technique (whether it be made up or just influenced by a certain combat style). TMS Entertainment’s Toshiki Hirano who served as the Director for this series and Fujio Suzuki handling the Character Designs and the script was handled by Tatsuhiko Urahata, overall the Studio had a challenge to meet and they get it done fairly close.

Final Grade:

Rating: 6 out of 10.

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