IDW Publishing Expands Partnership with Penguin Random House Publishing Services


Following Marvel Comics’ announcement that it would begin to use PRHPS’s Distribution instead of Diamond’s starting in November, IDW Publishing has announced that it would be moving from Diamond Comics Distribution to Penguin Random House Publisher Services in an “exclusive, multi-year, worldwide” agreement, expanding the book publisher’s recently started comic book distribution operation.

This isn’t a total jump for IDW, they have been distributing its Bookstore Releases through PRHPS. IDW’s new distribution deal for monthly comic releases through PRHPS will begin on June 1, 2022. IDW Publisher Nachie Marsham and Jeff Abraham, President of Penguin Random House Publisher Services had this to say about the new partnership.

IDW succeeds when the Direct Market succeeds, No matter how amazing our comics and graphic novels may be, it’s the retailers that are connecting readers with our stories. Because of that, I couldn’t be more excited about our future with Penguin Random House and I have the utmost confidence that every store, no matter the size, will see the benefits of the high levels of care and service that PRHPS brings.”

Nachie Marsham, IDW Publisher

IDW have been wonderful partners these past five years and it’s been thrilling to see the evolution of its publishing program, and to support the phenomenal growth of their graphic novels into the book trade. With PRHPS’s expansion in the Direct Market, we see this as a natural extension of that partnership and look forward to putting the expertise of PRH’s supply chain, customer knowledgeability, and sales know-how, and solutions-centered customer service to help bring IDW comics and graphic novels to even more fans throughout the world.”

Jeff Abraham, President of Penguin Random House Publisher Services

Newsarama’s George Marston got the chance to get Steve Geppi’s response to IDW Publishing’s new deal with PRHPS, and their response was similar to when Marvel decided to move away since their North American Comic Book Direct Market Distribution monopoly began to dissolve. In June 2020, DC Comics cut ties with Diamond Comics Distribution after a COVID-19 led shutdown of their distribution in March 2020, having to partner with other Distributors for Comic Shops.

I would like to thank IDW for their many years of partnership and we are delighted to continue selling IDW’s comics, trades, and graphic novels to our retail customers as a wholesaler effective June 1, 2022. At Diamond, we understand the unique needs of the direct and book markets and work hard every day to service and support all the stakeholders in our industry, From developing sales tools and launching new services, to organizing industry-wide events and engaging with fans on our consumer platforms, Diamond is consistently creating and evolving new and easier ways for publishers, retailers, and fans to connect. I am proud of the role that Diamond plays and I look forward to our continued service of the direct and book markets.”

Steve Geppi, President of Diamond Comic Distribution
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Source: IDW Publishing, Newsarama

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