The Case Study of Vanitas Part Two Announced For Winter 2022


Big news from Funimation, after the twelfth episode of The Case Study of Vanitas, aired in Japan, the show’s Twitter Page posted an announcement that the series would be continuing in Winter 2022 for Part Two. Also included was the announcement of a new cast member that would be joining the series, Rie Kugimiya will be voicing as Chlóe. Currently, the series is ranked #4 in Anime Corner’s Summer 2021 Top Anime of the Week Ranking for Week 11.

The Case Study of Vanitas Key Visual
Image Credit: Funimation

The anime series is adapted from the manga series by Mangaka Jun Mochizuki, the series debuted in Gangan Comics’ Shonen Anthology, Monthly Gangan Joker. The Manga has currently 9 Volumes published, Yen Press publishes the Manga for English Audiences and it is currently on its eighth volume.

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