DC lays out New Print Distribution Plan, Diamond Refutes DC Notice to Retailers


Newsarama recently reported on Friday that DC Comics’ new Print Distribution Plan, this came after the Comics Exclusive Distributor, Diamond Comics Distribution ceased production in late March. But the Comic Distributor already announced they would begin Production again in mid-to-late May but the Publisher is already moving on with new distribution deals with two mail-order comic stores that delving into B2B Comics Distribution.

Image Credit: Diamond Distributors

Today, Diamond Comics followed up on what DC told Retailers about the orders that were solicited for April 1st through the 15th that was issued through their Distribution Company that was canceled, refuting it. Earlier this morning, Geppi Family Enterprises sent an email to its Retail Partners with the title reading “BREAKING NEWS: DC Comics Ordering Update” which contradicts what DC told Retailers on Friday.

“We appreciate your patience as we work with our longtime partner, DC Comics, on details following their recent announcement regarding their upcoming slate of weekly periodicals, We have confirmed that the orders you placed with Diamond Comic Distributors for upcoming products are still in our system and will be fulfilled when we resume the distribution of new, weekly products.”

Geppi Family Enterprises, Inc.

For more on this story, Newsarama has more on this exclusive.

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