We reviewed the Series Premiere, now it’s time to review the series! Have you ever thought about how rude it is for a hero to walk into a dungeon and take all of the Dragon’s belongings and treasure? I mean, it’s their home for goodness sake. Today’s review finds us going back on a House-Hunting Adventure in the Series Review for Dragon Goes House-Hunting.

Dragon Goes House-Hunting tells the story of Letty, a dragon who fails to live up to the fearsome standards set for him, his family kicks him out. He embarks on a quest to find a new home but soon finds that life on the road is no place for a cowardly beast of legend. In a fantasy world full of elves, dwarves, and other mythical creatures, where everyone wants a piece of him—literally!—the frustrations of house-hunting reach a whole new level. Adapted from the manga with the same name, it debuted in December 2016’s Monthly Comic Garden, a Shōnen Magazine from Mag Garden and picked up by Seven Seas Entertainment; written by Kawo Tanuki and illustrated by Choco Aya.


One of the greatest strengths of this series was the repertoire of video game jokes at its disposal, filtered through the lens of what it is like living in a world of fantasy and magic. Helping Letty on his House-Hunting Quest is a legendary realtor/demon lord Dearia, while he is quite powerful and knowledgeable, the lord has his work cut out for him. Any house in this world for monsters comes well equipped with Traps that can kill the so-called Heroes if they decide to raid the new home, but it usually doesn’t work out that well due to parties always carrying healers that can perform resurrection spells, Bummer. As I have mentioned before, it is nice to have a comedic fantasy series that we can relate to in the real world and brings the characters in the story to our level, it gives the JRPG a creative spin and offers great references to other games such as Monster Hunter, Minecraft. While Letty comes off as a whiner at times the series does have great promise and a humorous premise. If you’re looking for an anime with great humor and fantasy, this show would be perfect for you. The first season is available now on Funimation.

Final Grade:

Rating: 5.5 out of 10.

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