Dragon Goes House-Hunting Series Premiere Review


So, you’re looking for a new home because you lost your family’s egg. Don’t worry, cause this new review will help you. Today’s review finds us going on a House-Hunting adventure with Letty, a timid Red Dragon, and Dearia an Elf who is a Real Estate Agent but also an Elf Architect in the new series Dragon Goes House-Hunting (Dragon, Ie Wo Kau).

Debuting on Funimation’s Spring Line-Up, Dragon Goes House-Hunting tells the story of Letty, a dragon who fails to live up to the fearsome standards set for him, his family kicks him out. He embarks on a quest to find a new home but soon finds that life on the road is no place for a cowardly beast of legend. In a fantasy world full of elves, dwarves, and other mythical creatures, where everyone wants a piece of him—literally!—the frustrations of house-hunting reach a whole new level. Adapted from the manga with the same name, it debuted in December 2016’s Monthly Comic Garden, a Shōnen Magazine from Mag Garden and picked up by Seven Seas Entertainment; written by Kawo Tanuki and illustrated by Choco Aya.

This review will be about the first episode, for now, sit back and enjoy the ride. Also, this will have spoilers so you were warned!

Letty is a young red dragon who comes off as a whiner but is resourceful when needed to be. While he is inexperienced when it comes to the outside world but it’s his first time in the outside world, and it is his first adventure so let’s cut the guy some slack! He had one task, and it was to guard the egg for his family, sounds simple right? Well, Letty fell asleep while guarding the egg and a group of adventurers took it. This causes his family to get upset and decides to kick him out, also disowning him in the process, this sets up a brand new adventure for him to find a new place to call home.

Just when you think he can catch a break he finds out that he has low stats and cannot fly, maybe due to how young he is (it’s only a guess,) hard enough having a family that viewed him as a weakling. Nevertheless, he is still a legendary creature, who can be unpredictable and we soon find out they don’t have a lot of choices to pick a place for a new home.


Playing on the trend of Isekai and Fantasy RPG-themed shows coming out the past few years, it is great to finally have a Comedic Fantasy series that we can relate to in the real world and brings the characters in the story at our level. What it also does is highlighting the endless possibilities of a world we thought we knew. The running gag that everyone Letty met wants to either kill him and sell his body parts or dissect him for study or food. By the end of the episode, he finally meets Dearia who finds Letty at the hands of adventurers who aren’t too bright. Dearia saves him and comes to realize that his greatest challenge was finding a Dragon a new home.

It is off to a good start, it’ll take some time for viewers to get used to Letty but it does have good humor and a catchy opening theme. It is available now on Funimation to stream.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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