Komi Can’t Communicate to Stream Outside Japan on Netflix Starting October 21st

Komi Can't Communicate! Promotion

First reported in the Weekly Shonen Sunday Magazine, the long-awaited anime adaption of Komi Can’t Communicate will be a Netflix-Exclusive, the anime will still premiere on October 6th in Japan, while Netflix will premiere it on October 7th in Japan. But it will be on October 21st for the worldwide premiere with new episodes premiering each week. The poster published in the magazine states that Netflix will stream anime worldwide in 8 languages (dubbed) with 31 subtitle options.

Also unveiled recently was the Opening Theme Artist, performing the OP Song “Cinderella” by the Rock Band known as Cider Girl. Studio OLM will be handling the animation production, while Ayumu Watanabe will be the chief director on Komi Can’t Communicate, with Kazuki Kawagoe (storyboarder and episode director on Beyblade Burst) as the director. The characters will be designed for animation by Atsuko Nakajima (Ranma ½) with scripts and series compositions by Deko Akao (Noragami). An interesting fact about this series was that it was part of a survey by AnimeJapan in 2020, taking the No. 1 Spot in The Most Wanted Anime Adaption.

Komi Can't Communicate Second Visual
Image Credit: Netflix

The anime is based on the popular manga series by Tomohito Oda, it is currently available to read from Viz Media, This series tells the tale of a timid boy named Tadano who is a wallflower, living life the way he wants to, then one day, everything changes when he meets the Legendary Komi on his first day of High School. But he finds himself alone in a classroom with Komi, he learns that she isn’t aloof, but super awkward! With a new quest, Tadano will help Komi make 100 friends!


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