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Continuing with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review with the second video game in the trilogy with Mass Effect 2.

Commander Shepard did it, he and his team took down Saren and Sovereign, saved the Citadel (depending on your decisions), the Council, and stopped the Reapers! Or so you assumed until a surprise attack that destroys not only the Normandy but killing off Shepard in the process. Two years later, Shepard is brought back to life in a secret project called Project Lazarus handled and funded by Cerberus, who brings you back to stop a group of aliens who have been abducting entire human colonies.

In Mass Effect 2, it brings what Mass Effect 1 introduces but adds onto it where you’re going to build a team-first by enlisting them, which later leads to a certain situation where you’ll go onto a Loyalty mission where it includes several backstories for certain characters (including two returning characters Garrus and Tali.) Some deal with family, whether it be helping Jacob resolve the mystery surrounding his father, helping Miranda find and protect her sister, Samura’s daughter, Thane’s Son. Or perhaps you’re helping Grunt in his Krogan Warrior Test, there are new and fascinating ways to explore the rich RPG Lore that Mass Effect has to offer and includes introducing new characters like the brilliant but arrogant Salarian doctor, Mordin Solus.

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While it looks great for its age, the consequences from the decisions you make carry on throughout the game still loom, it includes the encounters and conversations you have with your squad and potential romances. Making the wrong choice will cost you dearly when it comes to the characters you pick up, their absence will carry over on your save file. The ending is still one of the most breathtaking scenes in Video Game History. The Combat System is updated and introduces the “Powers” system, where you can choose the following: Biotic, Tech, Ammo Powers. And brings back abilities from the first game, though in terms of Weapons and Ammo things were changed, instead of cooldowns you’re using Thermal Ammo Clips. Controlling your team has gotten simpler, but in my playthrough, I wasn’t too reliant on it but chose wisely when it came to biotic and tech. Again, during my playthrough, I was more of a Commander who was a Paragon but didn’t hesitate when it came to using Renegade choices but gave the Pro-Human, Borderline-Terrorist Organization Cerberus a run for their money in my decision making (Especially when it came to playing the Project Overlord DLC).


Speaking of DLC, that is another thing that makes the Legendary Edition worth owning, you get to play the game with all of the DLC and that includes the missions, except for missions that involved the Mako. The Mako is something I couldn’t get used to and all you could do was hover, shoot, and collect shining areas (which were either elements or data depending on the mission.) But it is worth checking out the DLC before venturing into the final mission of the game. The Illusive Man was an entertaining character to bring into the series, and Martin Sheen did a great job in his portrayal, if you completed the Cerberus Missions in Mass Effect then you’re familiar with how vile he can be. With an all-star voice cast and memorable characters such as Garrus, Tali, Liara, and Anderson, Mass Effect 2 is a great game worth checking out, and the Legendary Edition’s remastered Graphics helps prove what a thrilling game Bioware has produced.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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