Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Game Cover

Here we are, the final game review for this series, and as I have mentioned in the previous reviews that this reflects on the decisions you have made throughout the trilogy so far. If you would like to read my previous reviews, click on these names: Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

The Suicide Mission was a success, depending on the choices you made in the last game you and your team made it through the suicide mission and either destroyed the Collector Base or kept it. But now the day everyone dreaded has arrived, the Reapers have invaded Earth and began their destruction of the human race and life as we know it. Commander Shepard now has to gather and rally the Citizens of the Galaxy to take back the Earth and stop the Reapers! One of the things that I would like to point out immediately is that in the original Mass Effect 3 there was an option for Multiplayer but that isn’t the case in the Legendary Edition because in an interview with Game Informer, Kevin Meek and Mac Walters pointed out that it was done in consideration of development time.

Meanwhile, the combat system has been polished and improved since the original third Mass Effect game release but to this day, the combat system still holds up and captured the attention of new and older fans of the series. The characters you love are back and things have changed drastically, the Pro-Human, Borderline-Terrorist Organization Cerberus has become even more ruthless and chaotic in its mission against the Reapers, waging war against the Alliance, and Shepard.

The Council is finally taking the threat of the Reapers seriously, a little late but it works out in the new system that is introduced, Galactic Readiness and Galactic Readiness Percentage. The higher the percentage, the more successful you’d be. So, if you went into the final battle, but your readiness percentage was 50%, then you’d only have 50% success with your resources. But since this was tied into the multiplayer option that was mentioned earlier, the main focus for you is now increasing that readiness percentage. The movement has been improved, you can take corners, take corners and run, etc. Even the weapons are now modifiable, make them either faster, weigh less, be more accurate, and of course, be more lethal. In terms of detail, this was beautiful but abysmal when it came to the graphics, the details are incredible.


This was a well-crafted story, characters, DLC, and the refinements to gameplay truly let Mass Effect 3 conclude an emotional story on a high point. Yes, there is still that controversial ending included, and was truly one of the most emotional games in the series. It is a game you must experience and brings a great, emotional conclusion to an epic journey.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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