Mastermind Comics- The Newest Competitor in the Manga Entertainment Industry

Good Evening, in this special new Creator Spotlight, we’re going to be looking into the Manga Entertainment Industry. Tonight, the spotlight is on Jojo Willams, and his Brand, Mastermind Comics.

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Influenced by Anime such as Big O, Neon Genesis, Samurai Champloo, Dragon Ball Z, and Berserk, Williams wanted to create stories that impact people, to create a Family/Organization of people who want to tell good stories but also that would inspire them as well. Mastermind Comics is also an Indigenous Media Company and Publisher that not only publishes Illustrations and Manga for Entertainment but it serves an educational purpose, also a New Age of Manga for Indigenous People. Below we’ll be looking at several Manga that Jojo Williams’ brand has to offer (Please Note that the Images, and Synopsis are provided by Mastermind Comics) :

Image Credit: Mastermind Comics

Amenhotep, a boy who loses everything that he holds dear to him, meets a man named Maut who will show him how to harness the power of the AfroSeed embedded in his forearm. Amenhotep will have to decide to follow Maut or die alone.

Image Credit: Mastermind Comics

Planet Earth has fallen into slavery after the indigeii wars that took place on it. Now children are the most valuable asset to the planet and are used as weapons. Planet Earth has a little resources left from the war and are at the brick of extinction. Planet Almec wants to help save the children on Planet Earth from a dreadful fate of being experimental test subjects and weapons.

Image Credit: Mastermind Comics

Black Knight is an afro action adventure fantasy story about a teenager named Akone Daniel. After witnessing several mysterious events, Akone finds out his local myths are true and he possesses a power known as the kibai. He teams up with his best friend, Michael suiru and Njoya Oussein to master this power and learn more about it. Dive in a world of magic, family, friendship and the tragic story of people born in a third world country.

Beast Cover #2
Image Credit: Mastermind Comics

The year is 2198 and the solar system is filled with corruption and greed from private inter-planetary corporations vying for wealth and power. Michael King a 19 year old smuggler down on his luck gets the job of a lifetime. Commissioned to come to Enceladus and retrieve a mysterious package, but once he arrives everyone is dead and the package is opened revealing a black goop that fuses with Michael. Now being chased by cybernetic militias, bounty hunters, and space revolutionists all to acquire the thing inside him called Beast.

Image Credit: Mastermind Comics

A little girl gifted with unknown abilities is plagued with uncontrollable nightmares. She goes with her mother to Castle van Wolfgang and many different events begin to unfold as she meets Lykos and his royal brothers. A tale of love, loyalty, chaos, witchcraft, folklore, and dreams. Will she be able to control her nightmares or will the nightmares control her?

The Brand also specializes in other things, such as Music, Podcasts, and Reviews. If you’re interested in checking out what they have to offer, here is a list of places you can find them at:

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