My Hero Academia Vol. 24 Review: One of the Biggest and Thrilling Battles of the Series

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It has been a while since I’ve reviewed a My Hero Academia Volume (fun fact, it was also my very first Manga Review!) but today’s review finds us in the midsts of a gigantic battle involving the Meta Liberation Army and the League of Villains, one of the biggest battles in the My Hero Academia Franchise. MHA’s Volume 24 dominated the New York Time’s Best Seller List for July taking the No. 3 spot, and No. 4 in the Monthly Book Scans for August. This volume collects chapters 225 to 235, beginning with “Interview with a Vampire” where Himiko Toga battles the nefarious villain known as Chitose Kizuki code-named ‘Curious‘. While the League fights the Liberation Army, we begin stepping into the mind of madness when we learn about Tomura Shigaraki’s past and the connection to All-Might’s Sensei, Nana Shimura.

The main take-away of this volume and the chapters that it collected was that it didn’t need the heroes to keep the story interesting when you’re writing a Superhero themed story (especially when it comes to the Shōnen Genre, or in stories that involve elements such as Superheroes and Supervillains.) Kohei Horikoshi has done a phenomenal job in both his script and artwork for this arc, most you can tell in a way that the influences of the American Superhero Genre and Japanese Superhero Genre have made an impact in the story so far.

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While there were larger than life battles (Literally! ReDestro vs Tomura Shigaraki, Gigantomachia arriving in Deika City, destroying and wiping away anything in his path.) Such as Genten vs Dabi, and Twice (while protecting Toga and trying to give her a Blood Transfusion) vs Skeptic, but the best part about this volume had to have been learning about what made the Villains what they are today, the tragic backstories of Twice, Himiko Toga, and Tomura Shigaraki. Twice may have been a villain but he truly cared for his allies and the League’s cause. It may end on a cliffhanger but it truly is worth a read, even though I had briefly praised Kohei Horikoshi’s artwork but The multiple battles in this volume were excellently drawn. The close-up panels of the characters show the raw emotion that this fight is having on both Meta Liberation Army and League members. The character designs of the MLA members have a more professional aesthetic,  making them seem like they’ll be easy opponents. That serves to their advantage since they’re severely underestimated from the start of the fight.

Final Grade:

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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