“My Interview with a Vampire!” My Hero Academia’s Recent Chapter. *Spoilers*

“Her face looked so repulsive.. It looked like she was in ecstasy!”

Fans of My Hero Academia has been curious about the villain with the devilish smile known as Himiko Toga, we are familiar with her quirk but ever since her introduction we kept asking ourselves “Wait, what is her backstory? Every great villain has one!

Credit: Kohei Horikoshi, Weekly Shonen Jump, Viz Media


During Toga’s battle with The Meta Liberation Army’s Executive Director, Chitose Kizuki code-named ‘Curious‘, Chitose decided to get an “exclusive interview” with Toga after calling her out; a battle ensues between the two and as a safety precaution knowing Toga’s quirk, Curious turned her subordinate’s blood into explosives with her quirk Landmine! Onto the subject at hand, we dive into the mind of madness that is Himiko Toga; seeing the lust of blood from the beginning right up to her parents calling her a child of the Devil.

Credit: Weekly Shonen Jump, Kohei Horikoshi, Viz Media

The fight between Toga and Curious sits at a standstill, The Vampiric Teenager trying to keep her strength up while dealing with her injuries she continues to fight and dodge Chitose’s explosions, Toga has flashbacks of her youth, the question blares loud in her mind “Why can’t you just be normal?!” We see that Toga’s quirk’s power is getting stronger.. Now not only she can transform, she now can use the quirk of the person she transforms into!

Things just got a little crazier in this Meta-Liberation Army Arc, if you’ve read the recent chapter share your thoughts with us! Also, it is covered in our newest review of Volume 24!

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