“Stay back… Deku…!” My Hero Academia, Vol. 10 Review


Welcome to The Nerd Den’s first Manga review, I do apologize for this not being in the right order, usually, you start off with the first volume to review but in this case, Ol’Red was a bit late to collect My Hero Academia Manga. Without further ado, Let’s get this review started!

The League of Villains keeps getting the upper hand of the heroes and at U.A. now they have disrupted the young Heroes training course yet again in the Forest! Their plan? To kidnap Bakugo! Can Deku and the gang rescue Bakugo without getting killed in the process? It is one of the hottest anime franchises right now is Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia, volume ten collects chapters 81-89, which covers the aftermath of the summer training camp and leading up to the events that lead to the revelation and new developments of one of the cruelest villains, All-For-One.


Horikoshi delivers dynamic action and line-work, All-Might looks phenomenal, Kohei’s artwork continues to reach new heights with each panel and each Chapter; with a manga like MHA, with the intense action it is known for, it also has visual comedy and in this volume the humor is stellar. The U.A. High students deciding to disguise themselves and realizing why one of the students wanted to visit was priceless. The Character designs are featured in its backstory. Speaking of a story, we get to read about Tsu, her family and making a new friend; surprisingly was a girl who had a head full of hair and a snake. It’s over the top designs like this girl is one of the things that make the story worth reading.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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