Rent-A-Girlfriend Episode Two: Ex-Girlfriend and Girlfriend Review “If Looks Could Kill.”

If you needed to find the definition of Bad Luck in the Dictionary, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found it with Kazuya Kinoshita’s Picture on the side; things are beginning to change rather fast for our Main Character, not only finding out that the girl he has been dating goes to his College, but also lives next door to him! And to make matters worse, his Ex-Girlfriend has entered back into his life. Episode Two finds us hitting the ground and running so you might want to sit back and relax as the newest review for Rent-A-Girlfriend begins!


While the series puts Kazuya through the wringer it seems like horrible situations like his Grandmother coming for a “Visit” but to put him down for his taste of friends or assuming that he and his girlfriend broke up (which she doesn’t know what Chizuru is doing for a living for the moment.) And then what seems to be a friendly hangout until his Ex-Girlfriend Mami Nanami decides to mock Kazuya and put him down in front of his friends.

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While on the subject of Mami, it would seem that with being an “Ex” when in certain situations, you cannot be friends with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend but it depends on certain things, but in this case, it is best not to. Mami has been offered to us as a pretty girl with a very sinister side, while she looks and comes off as a friendly face, it is her selfishness and fragile sense of self that comes into play, seeing her Ex-Boyfriend happy with someone else while she hasn’t moved on entirely, not to mention possibly still having some feelings for Kazuya in some way, shape, or form; while being honest with you all, I could be wrong, so bear with me here! As for Kazuya’s friends… Well, they are what you’d expect to find in a Teen Movie, no faith in their friend when it comes to finding a girl, those crazy hormones! Constant Sex Talk and making his friend feel even worse at times. While it gives us more reasons to love Chizuru and make her not feel like a one-dimensional character, we’re only two episodes in for now so things will improve right?

Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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