Kyoto Animation: The Strength and Unbreakable Spirit

Violet Evergarden: The Movie Visual

It has been one year since the incident over at Kyoto Animation, and it has shown us that Anime isn’t just a medium but can pull you in and give you a deeper meaning of what it means to be human. Cayla Coats of Crunchyroll News said it best in her article “The Crunchyroll News Month of Kyoto Animation” and the studio proved that in every one of their productions, whether it was Violet Evergarden, Miss Koboyashi’s Dragon Maid, A Silent Voice, and K-ON!! but the list goes on, Kyo-Ani is an incredible company that has the most respect for their employees and care which carried on in their work, it was one of the things that it brought in millions of fans, their creative ideas, and another way to connect.

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As mentioned before, it has been One Year since the incident, but the Company and its President, Hideaki Hatta has shown us the strength and integrity to not let fear and evil win, the obstacles they faced such as recovering the materials that were assumed to have been lost, opening an Account for Donations for rebuilding and the victims and families that were affected by the deadly fire and the support from fans and communities all over the world who came to help the Studio and the creators and workers who were affected.

Image Credit: Kyoto Animation

I would like to thank the President and the Kyoto Animation Company for everything that they have done for the fans and showing us all what it means to have the Courage to face your fears and the Resonating Spirit and of course, most importantly the heart of a Champion. If you would like to read my past coverage of the Kyoto Animation Arson, click here. But I would also like to highlight the recent interview with the KyoAni President in Kyle Cardine’s feature on Crunchyroll. Thank you for reading and Have a great night!

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