Kazuya Kinoshita, a man who has had some terrible luck with dating, a First-Year College Student who was in a horrible depressive state after a Tragic Break-Up until he tries out a new Dating App, he met a girl named Chizuru Mizuhara, who also is a first-year and loves her job. After a few dates and then introducing her to his Family, Chizuru starts to develop feelings for him, and he begins to have feelings for her too, our review finds us in the midsts of a Romantic Comedy for the ages, so sit back and check out this review of Rent-A-Girlfriend!


I’ll be honest with you before we begin the review, it was my first time I have gotten to check out this series but I am not disappointed I assure you, Rent-A-Girlfriend was adapted from the Manga of the same name, written by Mangaka Reiji Miyajima, I would like to say that the show is doing great on making sure to keep Kazuya likable, yes, he may have some unlikable tendencies but it is relatable for young guys and girls who have had problems with relationships; pent up frustration, ugly outbursts, painful break-ups, and a bruised ego. Miyajima has done a lot of research for these characters and the studio does a great job of bringing this to the Television Screen.

The problem in the genre of Romantic Comedy is that some of the Comedy behind it can be either be right on point, exaggerated, or miss the mark completely. Luckily, it doesn’t miss a beat up when it comes to the misunderstandings after Kazuya rents Chizuru for a date. It keeps the viewer hoping Kazuya finds what he is looking for in Romance and a better place emotionally in life. One thing I do want to point out is the wonderful character designs and the thought that was put into what makes these characters memorable, and for that, I would like to applaud the Mangaka and the studio behind the Anime, TMS Entertainment. Be sure to catch the first episode on Crunchyroll!

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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