Happy Ultraman Day! Marvel Surprises Fans with special Sneak Peek of New Comic Series!


It is July 10th, and today is also Ultraman Day! It the 54th Anniversary of the debut of the Character in the television special Ultraman Eve: The Birth of Ultraman, the special introduced the Alien Hero from Nebula M78- who melded with the SSSP’s Shin Hayata who defended the Planet Earth against other Alien threats and other giant monsters. Since then, our hero’s mythology and story grew spawned countless television series and manga; don’t forget the merchandise too!

To celebrate the occasion, there are four hours of live programming on the website called Shu.watch that will feature not only the actor who portrayed the original Ultraman, Bin Furuya but also Hiroko Sakurai and Susumu Kurobe as well! Marvel is also celebrating the occasion with a special sneak peek of the first issue of the new Ultraman Comic Book Series, also making an appearance during the Ultraman Celebration are Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief C.B. Celbuski and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, as well as writers Kyle Higgins and Matt Groom who write for the mentioned new Series “Rise of Ultraman!” For more on the ongoing celebration, check out THR for more information, and the new Ultraman Store.


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