Rent-A-Girlfriend gets a new Trailer and it truly is a Romantic Story

With it ready to premiere on July 10th on TBS (Tokyo Broadcast Station)’s ‘Animeism‘ Block, Reiji Miyajima’s Rent-A-Girlfriend gets a new trailer that not only highlights the four girls who enter the life of Kazuya Kinoshita, a college student who had a terrible and painful breakup, so he tries a new “Rent-a-Girlfriend” App and meets Chizuru Mizuhara, who works for the Diamond Company, who sponsors the ‘Rent a Girlfriend‘ App, after a few dates and introducing Chizuru to his family, but he also begins to develop romantic feelings for Chizuru.

Currently, the Rent-a-Girlfriend Manga series is currently being serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, with an English Version licensed by Kodansha Comics.

Recently announced, Rent-A-Girlfriend is getting a Spin-Off Manga.

If you want to learn more about the creator of this Manga series, be sure to watch the video below from YouTube’s Paolo from Tokyo:

2019: A Day in the LifeMangaka Reiji Miyajima
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