Major 2nd Season One Episodes 1-6 Review

Major 2nd Visual

Since my last reviews (or several in general) have been mostly into Fantasy, this time it’s time to get back down to earth and onto the Baseball Field with the Shōnen Anime, Major 2nd. Adapted from the manga by the same name that was written and illustrated by Mangaka Takuya Mitsuda, the story is a sequel of the first Major series, the protagonist is Diego Shigeno, son of the famous Gōrō Shigeno who was the Protagonist in the first Major series. Diego has always looked up to his father and knew that he was destined for greatness, but once he gets onto the field and played in a Baseball game Diego learns that not only that he doesn’t realize his full potential but he feels burdened that he cannot live up to the legendary name of his father! He quits baseball and leaves the Mifune Dolphins team, later on when time passes Diego meets Hiraku Sato and the fate of these two young men move forward!

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Major 2nd thankfully doesn’t fall into the typical tropes of sports and anime is that being the child of a Superstar Baseball Player is that he isn’t a ‘genius’ right off the bat (Yep, sports puns!) But then you have his soon to be best bud Hiraku Sato who never played Baseball and yet, he is talented, something that threw Diego over quickly. Some might have to take the first episode with a grain of salt due to the slow pace and how much of a brat Diego could be, moving further into the first few episodes the pacing begins to pick up as we watch the team beginning to come together, Mutsuko Sakura is another character who turned the series upside down, by this I mean that instantly she doesn’t fall for the protagonist like in most girls that are written in this genre. The characters are written well, and keep the series fresh which some sports animes have trouble keeping the viewers interested in, but it is nostalgic if you’re familiar with the first Major Series. Further down the path, there will be a continuation of this series review, such as my previous reviews but in the meantime be sure to check out the series and the Manga!

Final Grade:

Rating: 6 out of 10.

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