Brand New Animal Dub Teased in the latest trailer.

Normally I wouldn’t spill the beans on this sort of thing, but apparently, a new trailer has been leaked online via YouTube. Trigger Studio’s newest anime series BNA: Brand New Animal will be getting an English Dub, the trailer listed below has been uploaded. Will update article with proper dub cast list asap! Be sure to catch BNA tomorrow on Netflix!

“Set in the 21st Century, Beast People have emerged from the shadows and made their presence known to human beings, a girl named Michiru Kagemori spontaneously transforms into tanuki beast person and makes her way to Anima City! A special place where beast people can live freely apart from Human Interference; there Michiru meets Shirou Ogami, a Wolf beast person that holds a grudge against humans. While staying in Anima City, Michiru learns the joys and hardships of life as a beast person while trying to solve the mystery of her sudden transformation.

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