Adventure Time Distant Lands Episode One: BMO Review

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Spin-Offs are complicated and usually hard to stay true to the original material, but this isn’t the case for Adventure Time: Distant Lands, Distant Lands is an Animated Series focusing on different characters and different stories; with the first one focusing on BMO, a sentient MO-series computer-like robot that was a friend to Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. This showed us that not only that there are plenty of stories to tell from the Land of Ooo but also helps bring depth and character development for Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time series. *Warning, contains minor spoilers*

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Our adventure takes us in the depths of outer space, BMO drifting in space and making repairs on their spaceship; its mission? To plant potatoes on Mars, drifting along and singing about being alone (Strange, but adorable!) But suddenly meets a repair drone that pulls BMO and their ship through deep space into a new world called The Drift, a world made up of interconnected hubs. What makes this different from the land of Ooo is that this place is full of different creatures than what we have seen on Adventure Time, a girl rabbit named Y-4 (Later to be Y-5 thanks to BMO,) scavenges the station, looking for spare parts to bring back to her family who work for a mysterious man named Hugo. When Y-4 watches BMO’s quick thinking saves the day by fixing the Drift’s Exterior, she decides to take them back to her parents and to see if the robot was any use to Hugo.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands- Y-4 Saves BMO

This first episode not only served as a way to build new worlds and flex the team’s creative muscle, usually when BMO has an episode, but the storyline also tends to be melancholy, but this served to remind us of how emotional Adventure Time can be and can get at times. Without going into major spoiler territory, this episode not only served as an origin story but also reminded us how lonely BMO was before they met Finn and Jake.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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