Venom Volume One: Rex

For a couple of years, I heard great things about Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s Venom run so I decided to check out the first volume over on Comixology and the things I heard about it were right on the money. The story takes place after S.H.I.E.L.D.’s collapse, an ancient and primordial evil has been brought back into the world and is growing under the streets of New York (Dang, sounds like we’re getting into the settings of Ghostbusters 2 and Vigo the Carpathian!) and it woke up something inside of Venom, this new threat tries to force the web-slinger to relinquish everything it holds dear, including its host Eddie Brock, the “Man of a Thousand Second Chances“.

The way that this story is set up as a horror/gothic tone for both the artwork and writing works for Eddie Brock and Venom, Marvel has been hitting it out of the park with it’s take on horror (since it has been the flavor of the month for the past couple of years in Entertainment,) a man who has had bad luck over the years, a disgraced reporter and has had his fair share of symbiotes to deal with and now the symbiote and Brock have to fight an evil, cruel being named Knull, the Lord of the Abyss and claimed to be the “God of the Symbiotes“. It’s the first time I’ve read Donny Cates’ work, to be honest, and he does a good job in introducing a new Mythology for the Symbiotes, plus introducing a connection to Beowulf and Grendel, The Celestials.

Image Credit: Marvel

You would think Peter Parker would make an appearance in this arc but it was Miles Morales that comes to the aid of Venom, though he wasn’t too thrilled about it at first, they knew they had to stop this huge, symbiotic dragon wreaking havoc on New York! Ryan Stegman’s artwork is phenomenal in this story, the artistic team of Ryan Stegman, Inker JP Mayer, Colorist Frank Martin bring out the terror and fear of these terrible creatures, including Knull. This first volume only collected the first six issues of this ongoing series and I can safely say, Venom is in great hands.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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