Why Marvel’s new Horror line has been so successful


On June 6th, 2018, Marvel introduced a new horror-themed comic book involving Bruce Banner and the Hulk called Immortal Hulk; a concept that was thought of after the events of Civil War II in 2017, where Doctor Banner was brought down by his comrade Clint “Hawkeye” Barton with a gamma-enriched vibranium arrow; with Amadeus Cho taking on the Hulk by removing the gamma radiation from Bruce’s body. But Two years had passed; finding Banner coming back to life and reclaiming the mantle of the Hulk and thus ever since he was brought back to life, things haven’t been the same for the two.

Since the Immortal Hulk’s Debut, Marvel has found a successful formula for their Superhero themed horror line, Comic Shops have mentioned that Al Ewing’s Hulk has been one of the hottest comics on the market today, but it made people wonder how long Marvel’s success would last; then came the latest Spider-Man story “Absolute Carnage“. Cletus Kasady, one of the most ruthless serial killers that New York has ever seen but what made him different from other murderers was that he had a Symbiote and became Carnage; throughout the years there have been constant battles involving the murderer but after the events of Venomized a cult that worshipped Carnage took the damaged body of Cletus and revived him using the remnants of Grendel. Now Kasady is out for revenge against anyone who has worn a symbiote.

Absolute Carnage #1 Cletus Kasady Returns
Credit: Marvel, Sam De La Rosa, David Michelinie, Erik Larsen

Marvel has struck gold with their horror line, DC is trying to catch up with their new series DCeased, written by Tom Taylor; the company is using the Zombie Apocalypse idea for their Superhero Universe. It is Similar territory in the Superhero mythos due to Marvel’s other Zombie Apocalypse tale Marvel Zombies.

The Results? Absolute Gold!

With writers such as Al Ewing, Donny Cates, Robert Kirkman, and artists such as Joe Bennet, Ryan Stegman Alex Ross, Sean Phillips, and Arthur Suydam; it is clear to see why the house of ideas is on top right now.

Credit: Marvel, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Al Ewing

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