Junji Ito and Yohji Yamamoto Join Forces and Create Horrifically Delicious High Fashion


Horror Manga-ka Junji Ito has an unmistakable art style, and with Fashion Designer and Master Tailor, Yohji Yamamoto teaming up the Master of Horror the duo have created something Deliciously Horrific for lovers of High Fashion and Manga; Ito collaborated with Yamamoto’s brand called S’YTE to create a new line of coordinates that is available for sale.

Uzumaki: Creation
Promotional Video

This isn’t the first time Junji Ito collaborated with Yamamoto’s Brand S’YTE according to sources Crunchyroll and ComicNatalie; this time it will be focusing on the Manga series Uzumaki, the line features various panels, Frames of Ito’s work in this line as it is shown in the Gallery above this paragraph. The line consists of shirts, coats, pants, other accessories that also feature his other work such as Venus and Frankenstein in Innsmouth. If you would like to check out more of the new line, click here or over on Comic Natalie. Also, a reminder to Nerd Den readers that Uzumaki will be getting an Anime Adaption and will premiere on Adult Swim’s Toonami Block in 2020.


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