News Round-Up: October 26th


The issue that was mentioned yesterday has been resolved and it is back to business as usual for the Nerd Den. It is October 26th, here is the News Round-up!

My Hero Academia Season Four is coming to Toonami

It comes as no surprise for some, but it does provide relief for fans of the dub who prefer to watch MHA on Television instead of on a streaming service. It comes on November 9th but here is the new Schedule, provided by Toonami (Adult Swim) All that is listed in Eastern Time:

  • 11:00 pm My Hero Academia Season Four
  • 11:30 pm One Punch Man
  • 12:00 am Dr. Stone
  • 12:30 am Fire Force
  • 1:00 am Food Wars!
  • 1:30 am Demon Slayer
  • 2:00 am Black Clover
  • 2:30 am JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
  • 3:00 am Naruto: Shippuden
  • 3:30 am Lupin the 3rd Part Five
  • 4:00 am Attack on Titan

Batwoman Visual

Batwoman picks up a full season order.

Deadline recently reported that two of the new shows that recently debut this month, Batwoman and Nancy Drew have picked up a full season order, this shows an early vote of confidence from the CW Network; both shows have done well according to a recent report from Nielsen and CW, you can check it out over on Deadline for more.


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Cancelled.

With things looking up for DC’s Superhero TV line up, the same cannot be said for Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger series on Freeform; if you recall the news from Wondercon in April that the series had picked up a second season, but according to Deadline, that is a different story.

Marvel Anthology Cover

Alex Ross to launch new Marvel Anthology Series

MCM (London Comic Con) recently revealed that Alex Ross will be coming back to Marvel for a new project but he will be teaming up with some of the best talent in the business according to ComicBook.

Batman/Catwoman Cover

Batman and Catwoman Series delayed, Tom King offers Explanation

Originally slated for a January release, the Bat and Cat Team up has been delayed according to Newsarama; Tom King recently spoke to Newsarama regarding the Delay.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Stage Visual

Zenitsu and Inosuke revealed for Demon Slayer Stage-Play

Five Days ago we had a chance to see the Live Action versions of Tanjiro and Nezuko, now we’re getting an exclusive look at Zenitsu and Inosuke for the new Demon Slayer Stage-Play thanks to Crunchyroll!

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