Streaming Service Battle wages onto Wireless services

Things are heating up in the Streaming Service battle as Wireless Services are thrown into the fray with promises of a Year Subscription of either Disney +, HBOMAX, Apple TV Plus, Hulu, and Netflix. The services in Question? Verizon, AT&T, Apple, Sprint and T-Mobile. in a new article from the Wall Street Journal, show that things are looking good for Verizon; adding 444,000 net new Postpaid Connections in the third quarter. Let’s look at the stats for both Companies in what they are offering to you, the consumer:

Verizon Logo

The Disney Deal

  • November 12th begins the Offer of a 12 Month Subscription to Disney Plus which includes, new and existing 4G LTE and unlimited 5G Wireless Customers.
  • New Verizon FiOS Home and Internet and 5G Home Internet Customers will receive a 12 Month Subscription to Disney Plus.
  • Verizon Customers can view everything in HD Quality, Commercial-Free up to four concurrent streams, downloads for offline-viewing, personalized recommendations and the ability to set up Seven Different Profiles.
Image Credit: Verizon, Walt Disney, Disney Plus
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AT&T Logo

The Warner Deal

  • AT&T will give away HBO Max for free for Ten Million Wireless Customers when it launches in Spring 2020. (No clue yet on the pricing for HBO Max yet, the details coming on October 29th, according to a recent interview.
Image Credit: HBO, Warner Bros. WarnerMedia
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The Apple Deal

  • Will be giving away a 12 Month Subscription to Apple TV Plus Streaming Service to customers who buy one of its devices starting in November. (Might tie into a Black-Friday deal for most wireless places possibly.)
Apple TV Plus Logo
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Sprint Logo

The Hulu Deal

  • Offers Hulu for Free on Sprint Unlimited Plan, while offering Seven Day Trail for $44.99 per month for Hulu Plus Live TV.
Hulu Logo
Image Credit: Hulu, Walt Disney Co.
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TMobile Logo

The Netflix Deal

  • Netflix is included in T-Mobile’s ‘Magenta’ and ‘Magenta Plus’ Plan; the only difference here is that in the Magenta Plan only covers for One Screen, Standard Quality while Magenta Plus covers Two Screens and offers HD Quality Streaming.
Image Credit: Netflix
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