WonderCon 2019 News Round-Up


Okay Gang, with the weekend over and with it WonderCon has ended let’s go over with what we learned.

“Ever wanted to buy a ‘Good Guys Doll’ in the Pale, Moonlight?”

It has been confirmed that Actor who doubles Part-time as a Jedi and The Clown Prince of Crime, Mark Hamill will be voicing as the Serial Killer Chucky in the new Child’s Play reboot.

X-Men ‘Dark Phoenix’ Leads the way!

Even though there wasn’t a Q and A in this panel, and with the film set to premiere on June 7th, fans were tense about the film and hoping that the film will stay true to the story and stray off the path as it did in X-Men 3. With it, they got a glimpse of what to expect in June and it was Glorious, the fans cheered long and loud, signaling that Female Superheroes are still breaking the mold in Hollywood Superhero films.

How do we carry on without Coulson?

With Season five seeing the demise of Coulson, we see the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D trying to carry on without the Organization’s Director, saving humanity and trying to figure out what to do next, but something lurks within the Shadows.. With ths current events of the MCU happening, how will this affect the show? Find out when Season Six premieres on May 10th.

WonderCon Clip

News from the Front Line.

There has been an update on the live-action film, it will be handled by Sony Pictures with Gianni Nunnari, Mark Canton, and Barbara Muschietti. Her brother, Andy Muschietti (Director of The current IT film and IT: Chapter II) will be directing while the writer will be Jason Fuchs (Co-Wrote Wonder Woman). The Current run on the Robotech Comic mentioned there will be a new arc called “Event Horizon”, which will be addressed in this year’s FCBD.


What happens when a teen meets a Cosmic Water Bear?

Sounds strange, right? IDW announced that it would be making a new Sci-Fi comic, with Writer Delilah S. Dawson and art by Francesco Gaston, the story involves a 21-year-old girl who gets shoved off to spend her Summer Break at an Orbital Space Camp, but tragedy strikes when a shuttle accident sends her and the crew into the cold void of space! But a mysterious Gigantic Cosmic WatWaterer Bear saves her and Retro Discman, begins an extraordinary friendship and a journey set to Vess’s 90s tunes.

Cloak and Dagger Season Two

With fans participating in the Q and A at the panel, Jeph Loeb showed the fans a episode from Season Two; fans are in for an exciting new season. Be sure to tune in April 4th on Freeform!

The King of the Monsters rampages Wonder Con

WB was in full force at this year’s WonderCon, from celebrating Batman’s 80th Birthday to spilling secrets on other movies, Including showing off new footage for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the Team behind the film told the fans it will “Put the ‘God’ back in Godzilla”

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