Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light

Final Fantasy XIV Dad Of Light

Today we’ll be reviewing the Netflix Series Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, originally released on April 17th, 2017; it aired on Mainichi Broadcasting System and TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting Station) but it finally came to the West on Netflix. The Series is about a father and son who developed a close bond by playing Final Fantasy but as the years went by the two became distant; now they have a chance to rekindle their bond through playing the online MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV Dad Of Light
Image Credit: Square-Enix, Netflix, Mainichi Broadcasting System

I don’t usually watch Soap Operas but in this case, I made an exception with this one. Our story is similar to what we have gone through in our lives, wanting our parents to play video games with us and Akio’s case with him loving to play games but his father is a different story; Hakutaro doesn’t share that same passion as his son until they discovered the game that would kindle their bond, Final Fantasy. But as time moves forward so does mankind, with Akio getting older and wiser but so is Hakutaro but the bond decayed behind the scenes as Akio’s Father threw himself into work even more. It is funny to see Hakutaro navigate through Final Fantasy XIV, it brings back vivid memories of playing an MMO for the first time, it is a far cry of when he played the original Final Fantasy on the Famicom game system. With Aiko keeping a secret from his father about his Character helping him on the game, he hopes to learn more about his father. The Soap may have a weird title but don’t let it fool you, it is a touching story with comedy and drama.

Final Grade:

Rating: 10 out of 10.

According to Anime News Network, this series will be getting a remake with a new cast.